Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Key Fobs?

There was never a question about the need to fund raise for this adoption. It was a step of faith we felt called to take and we knew we'd need to fully depend on our heavenly father for provision to finance the adoption fees.

I have always been a crafty, artsy type and have found success over the past six years selling my hair bows and accessories first at local craft shows and then on line. In just a few short years God blessed me with customers in all 50 states and quite a few foreign countries. The 'problem' with selling hair accessories is that there is a limited market. Not everyone has or knows a bow wearing little girl. Two years ago, a sweet woman came up to me at a craft show and said my products were lovely and obviously well made, but she simply didn't know anybody she could gift one too. She suggested that I find a product that anybody could use. I took her suggestion to heart and began a search for something I could make with much of my existing supply inventory that would have a broad appeal. In short time, I discovered wristlet key fobs and purchased my first stock of webbing and clamp hardware. I made ten fobs and took them to my next show. They immediately sold out and I knew I was onto something!

When I began to brainstorm what product I could sell to fund raise I didn't directly go to the fobs. I thought about several different items and was unsure about what to do. I prayed that God would show me exactly what I should sell. Several hours after praying that prayer, my friend called to ask of she could come by and purchase several of my key fobs for teacher gifts. One of the gift recipients asked my friend where she got them and gave her cash to get several more from me to use as gifts herself. In a matter of hours I had sold eight fobs. I began to think, "OK, God. Is it key fobs I should sell?" Sunday of that same week our pastor presented a sermon he titled "Forward in Faith." We knew that this adoption would be moving forward in faith and I drew immediate lessons from his teaching.

When Pastor Brian presented his four keys to moving forward in faith the work 'keys' really struck me. It wasn't just key fobs that I should make as a great practical item to generate funds, they hold keys. Keys that represent core ideals and that also unlock doors. Selling wristlet key fobs would generate funds for us and unlock the door to China. Creating and packaging each one would also be a steady reminder of the four keys to moving forward in faith Pastor Brian preached about based on lessons from the book of Numbers 13-14. Here are my notes from that Sunday:

Four Keys to Moving Forward in Faith:
Character (13:1-2)
See that God is leading in a mighty and dynamic way.

Confidence (13:30)
How big is your God? Be strong in the Lord. Trust fully in Him.

Courage (14:8-9)
One ultimate objective: please the Lord. Have courage and do not fear. God will be with you.

Commitment (14:24)
Follow God's calling wholeheartedly.

So that is the story behind this blog and how Keys to China came into being. My prayer for you is that you will dare to believe and stretch your faith. That you will see opportunity and not obstacles. That you will trust God because of who He is.
If you chose to purchase a wristlet key fob, may it always remind you of the keys to moving forward in faith and the door opened to you when you place your trust and faith in Christ Jesus.