Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holiday Ordering

Not too far off from November and the start of official Christmas shopping.

Don't forget that Wristlet Key Fobs are the perfect inexpensive gift for many folks on your list!

* Teacher

* Secret Pal

* Bus Driver

* Babysitter

* Hairdresser

* Pet groomer

* Small gift exchange with your book club / Bible study group / supper club....

* Hostess gift

* Stocking stuffer

Anybody!!! They don't even have to be used for keys. They are perfect for holding store loyalty cards and our kids use their for their library card :)


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Make Your Shopping Count!

It bothered me when I started seeing Christmas decorations for sale at some of the bog box stores near me last week... in September. It seems that the start of holiday commercialization gets earlier and earlier every year.

Are you doing any of your gift giving shopping yet? While I don't like to be last minute about mine, I really am not thinking quite that far ahead yet. But if you are starting to pick up a few gifts why not consider shopping with a purpose and support an adopting family!

Sharon, an adopting mom, is putting together a wonderful resource of links to families selling items to raise funds for their adoptions.

Check it out, then check out all the goodies that will not only bring a smile to the face of your gift recipients, but will help bring a child home.

Bloom Child Bloom


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome Spavin' Mavens

If you are visiting from the Spavin' Mavens, Welcome!

Please use the navigation buttons under the header to view our selections of fabric fobs (any can be embroidered), ribbon fobs best left plain, and ribbon fobs that can be embroidered.

Please place your co op orders on the forum.

Feel free to email any questions to



Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How do I see all available fobs?


All the fob choices have been grouped into three categories. You can find the links in the navigation bar at the top of the page, just below the picture of the fobs in the basket.

Fabric Fobs

All can be embroidered
Fabric Fobs

Plain Ribbon Fobs
These are ribbon fobs that are best left plain due to embroidery not showing up well on the ribbon pattern/design.

Plain Ribbon Fobs

Ribbon Fobs that can be embroidered

Title says it all. These designs work well with embroidery.

Fobs that can be embroidered

Want a different color combination than what has been suggested?
Looking for a theme you don't see?
Any other questions?

Drop me a note and I'll do my best!


More Fobs

New Fall fabric Key Fob choices...

Style Name: Veranda
Webbing Choices: Navy and Pink. Also looks good on Fuchsia and Natural.

Style Name: Olive

Style Name: Drexel
Webbing Choices: Black and Fuchsia

Style Name: Caspian
Webbing Choices: Turquoise and Natural

Style Name: Ambrosia
Webbing Choices: Lavender and Natural

Style Name: Island Punch

Style Name: Mumbo Jumbo


Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Fobs

These will get added to the proper categories soon. In the meantime, I thought it would be easier to show off the new choices in one post. Remember, all fobs are custom made, so can be on your choice of webbing color.

He we go!

New Fabric Fobs

Style Name: Butterfly Swirl

Style Name: Fern

Style Name: Gerbera Stripe

Style Name: Mandalay

Style Name: Marley Dusk

Style Name: Mosaic

Style Name: Pebbles

New Ribbon Fobs

Style Name: Toile

Style Name: Turquoise Dot

Style Name: Tie Dye Peace (this is a satin ribbon)

Style Name: Softball

Style Name: Red Jumbo Dot

Style Name: Pink Palm

Style Name: Pink Gumball
Shown on Apple webbing

Style Name: White Fleur
Shown on Hot Pink webbing. Can be sewn on any color.

Style Name: Pink Fleur

Style Name: Nesting Dolls

Style Name: Mushrooms

Style Name: Orange Motorcycle

Style Name: Motorcycle

Style Name: Scoops

Style Name: Hot Pink Scoops

Style Name: Disney

Style Name: Chocolate Chip

Style Name: Cars
Shown on Red and Brown webbing

Style Name: Beach
Shown on Yellow. Also available on Lime or Red.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Favorite things Baby Basket

One of the truly best things that has happened since becoming involved in the adoption community has been meeting such wonderful people. I feel blessed to have made some amazing friends. I can't wait to get to know one of my newest online adoption-brought-us-together friends better. Her name is Casey and she is in the process of adoption two little ones from Congo.

We "met" last month when she contacted me about my key fobs. She is doing one of the neatest fundraisers I have come across. She puts together these amazing themed 'baskets' of her favorite items and donations to their adoption fund get a number assigned toward the drawing for the winner of the basket. Casey is an amazing photographer, so not only are the baskets stunning with amazing products, but her images make me crave what she has assembled even more!

Anyway, Casey told me that she was going to do baby boy and baby girl themed baskets in July and wanted to include key fobs. Every mom needs a handy way to carry (and easily find) her keys. She was at her Bible study and noticed the key fob of a friend. Her friend had purchased the fob here, from me, and told Casey about my own adoption fundraiser selling my hand-crafted key fobs. How cool! She sent me the color themes for each basket and I found fabrics to coordinate and made fobs to donate to her baskets. She also purchased a slew for her family!!

Today Casey unveiled her Baby Boy Basket.


She has some amazing products any new mom would be thrilled to have. I'm tickled to see one of my fobs included.

You can visit Casey here


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!

How cool is it that today is 1.1.11!!! What a fun birthday that would be.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

We ended up with a nice amount of orders in November/December. It was fun to think that Christmas morning my handiwork was being gifted all around the country. I like thinking about stuff like that. I remember asking some girlfriends in college (I went to school in a very touristy town) if they ever thought about how many tushies had sat on the worn benches we were sitting on. The puzzled expressions on their faces revealed that I was the only one who pondered such things. But I digress....

Where was I?

Oh, yes!

Key Fobs.

Ribbon and fabric and webbing was carefully organized and inventoried last week. I also went through my fabric stash that remained from my headband sewing days and came up with enough for some limited edition mini collections I'll be adding here in a few days. I also have bags of vintage fabric from my grandmother I need to go through and evaluate to see if any of it is fob worthy. Gotta admit- so far a lot of it is plain u g l y. The girlies have been using some of it to learn to sew on the new machine Santa brought them. So far their American Girl dolls haven't voiced a concern over the, um, unique, fabrics in their new skirts. Thankfully I have a more discerning eye.

So the jist is...

new fobs soon.