Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!

How cool is it that today is 1.1.11!!! What a fun birthday that would be.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

We ended up with a nice amount of orders in November/December. It was fun to think that Christmas morning my handiwork was being gifted all around the country. I like thinking about stuff like that. I remember asking some girlfriends in college (I went to school in a very touristy town) if they ever thought about how many tushies had sat on the worn benches we were sitting on. The puzzled expressions on their faces revealed that I was the only one who pondered such things. But I digress....

Where was I?

Oh, yes!

Key Fobs.

Ribbon and fabric and webbing was carefully organized and inventoried last week. I also went through my fabric stash that remained from my headband sewing days and came up with enough for some limited edition mini collections I'll be adding here in a few days. I also have bags of vintage fabric from my grandmother I need to go through and evaluate to see if any of it is fob worthy. Gotta admit- so far a lot of it is plain u g l y. The girlies have been using some of it to learn to sew on the new machine Santa brought them. So far their American Girl dolls haven't voiced a concern over the, um, unique, fabrics in their new skirts. Thankfully I have a more discerning eye.

So the jist is...

new fobs soon.