Monday, January 16, 2012

'Bout time for an update

I haven't had a lot of time to focus on getting the blogsite advertised. Key fobs were very popular sellers for me at all of my fall craft shows. I was blessed to have had a successful and very hectic season of 19 craft shows. Most were very small school/church events, but I did have some larger annual events as well. Got to meet a lot of people and share my info.

I have started to schedule for the spring. There are not a lot of shows available. I have two so far. While I have 'down time' from the constant preparation of all my bow stuff for the shows I have decided to focus on getting all my new items photographed and up on my website and etsy site. I have booked a few models and thought that it would be a good idea to have my fobs modeled as well.

I selected a model from the agency I do most of my scheduling through and sent her two of my fobs last week. I just saw previews on the agency FB page tonight and WOW! Jamie did an awesome job...exactly what I was looking for. I can wait to get emailed the photos so I can update my blog and start some new advertising.